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As a leader in its industry, Yuanta is able to attract a diversified and talented team for each of its business fields. Yuanta is committed to diversity in its workforce and offers equal access to opportunities based on merit and performance. We welcome qualified candidates to submit their personal information on Yuanta's Human Resources or e-mail their resume to Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Vacant Positions

Job Summary
Act as the organization’s Internal Audit Head and as a member of the management team. Perform professional internal auditing work as a key component of the corporate governance structure. Overall work involves conducts robust risk assessment annually to develop a risk based audit plan, conducting review and amendment of the IAD manual, preparing and updating the comprehensive audit program, conducts operational, financial, compliance and IT audit projects; providing consulting services to the organization’s management and staff; managing the implementation of the annual audit plan; and provides ongoing training, coaching and supervision to internal audit staff. Maintain organizational independence and professional ethical standards.

✔ Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Internal Auditing, Business Finance, or Economics or other related degree.
✔ At least 5 years relevant work experience, preferably gained from a bank, or financial services company, or auditing firm with technical proficiency on the conduct of both internal and IT audit.
✔ Preferably should have any of the following licenses; Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor or with other professional certifications relevant to internal auditing.
✔ Can work independently with extensive latitude for initiative, and independent judgment.
✔ Knowledgeable in banking laws, tax laws and regulations, International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA), SEC reporting, accounting standard, relevant internal policies and procedures,
✔ Knowledge in the Risk Based Audit and in identifying the risk exposure of the bank.
✔ Knowledgeable and competent in preparing Board report and be able to deliver the report concisely and clearly.
✔ With leadership skills that can provide added value recommendations to the bank senior management without impairing independence
✔ With strong personality to be able to discuss the findings or opportunity for improvements to the auditee and senior management.
✔ Knowledge in the preparation of minutes of the meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Assist the Corporate Secretary in preparing the agenda and materials for the Board Meeting.
✒ Perform confidential administrative support consisting of transcription of meeting discussion
✒ Assist in preparing Board Resolutions and Secretary's Certificate.
✒ Assist in the preparation of Audit Committee minutes of the meeting.

✔ Ideally a graduate of any 4-year course but associate's degree and or two-year secretarial course are welcome.
✔ Preferably with 1 to 2 years' experience as a paralegal or legal secretary.
Familiar with business documents and terminologies.
✔ Previous experience as stenographer is an advantage. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
✔ Excellent typing, listening and reading skills.
✔ Good grammar and communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Generate condominium loan accounts from top tier developers.
✒ Conduct client calls, plant visits and initial credit evaluations.
✒ Gather financial, operational, and market data to support credit evaluation.
✒ Evaluate viability and credit worthiness of borrower and existing clients.
✒ Prepare credit recommendation for submission to approving bodies with the analysis of data inputs.
✒ Coordinates approved condominium loan facility to respective departments and accredited developers
✒ Provide assistance in the implementation of marketing plan and strategies and introduce high quality financial and facilities for clients.
✒ Other duties and functions that may be assigned by the Marketing Head from time to time.

✔ Must be a graduate of any bachelor's degree preferably in business and marketing related course.
✔ In-depth understanding and knowledge of market research techniques and principles, statistical and data analysis methods.
✔ Previous experience as stenographer is an advantage. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
✔ Experience in developing marketing strategy and project management. Proven experience as a marketing account officer or a similar role in the bank industry.
✔ Excellent communication and analytical skills.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Prepare the monthly admin reports for submission to the Admin Head, Accounting Department and Bank Security Officer.
✒ Conduct the semi-annual and annual schedule of inventory of all Banks furniture and fixtures.
✒ Supervise company assets, company service vehicles, mobile phones and office equipment.
✒ Responsible in the safekeeping and retention of all department records and documents and ensure these records are readily available without delay during BSP regular or special examination.
✒ Monitor and ensure availability of office supplies at all times. Supervise the timely preparation of requisition for office supplies, and its storage as well as issuance to respective department and review billings from suppliers.
✒ Monitor all Bank assets and properties and maintain its records. Handles vehicle registration and insurance coverage. Monitors periodic preventive maintenance and repairs, recovery of loss and damaged assets, ensuring that these are within the policy.
✒ Prepare documents for the purchase, releasing and inventory of office supplies, furniture and fixture.
✒ Assist for the semi -annual testing of the electronics security system, access controls, burglar alarms and other security devices.
✒ Coordinate and liaise with the condominium agents of the Taiwanese employees.
✒ Assist the HR team in preparing activities like Summer Outing, Christmas Party, Sportsfest and other company initiated events.

✔ Must be a graduate of any bachelor's degree preferably in business related course.
✔ Preferably with 2 to 3 years' experience as admin supervisor in a bank or in a similar capacity.
✔ Excellent communication skills.
✔ Highly analytical and strong problem-solving skills.
✔ In-depth understanding of office management, legal, financial and departmental policy and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Direct company guests, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders to the right employee or department.
✒ Respond and answer email and telephone inquiries and direct incoming external calls to the right employee as requested and if applicable.
✒ Monitors and receive business mails or correspondence on behalf of the addressee.
✒ Coordinates with the supplier/vendor the ordering of office supplies.
✒ Facilitates the repair of telephones, defective electrical wiring, light fixtures or flickering lights, power losses and aircon by closely coordinating with the third-party maintenance team.
✒ Process and facilitates funding request for the payment of office supplies and other admin expenses.
✒ Documents and monitor the various bank properties and ensure that the documents relating to the processing of insurance, registrations and tax declarations are properly secured.
✒ Assists the supervisor in the purchasing and inventory of company assets, personal protective equipment and other office supplies.
✒ Handles all utility bills.

✔ Must be a graduate of any bachelor's degree preferably in business related course.
✔ Ideally with 1 to 2 years' experience working as admin or office assistant.
✔ Highly organized and detail-oriented.
✔ Good communications skills.
✔ Must be adept in using computer and proficient in MS office applications. Comfortable in routine works and shifting demands of the role.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Assist in monitoring and preparing the market and liquidity risk reports to include VAR, EAR, MCO, IRRBB/EVE/NII, MLR, and others
✒ Monitor and prepare reports on market and liquidity risk limits/thresholds
✒ Assist in preparing the quarterly stress testing report.

✔ Graduate of a 4-year course preferably in Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.
✔ With at least 2 years working experience in risk management is required for this position.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Research and document data requirements,data collection and administration policy, data access rules and security.
✒ Ensure that internal procedures are properly documented.
✒ Maintain inventory of all equipment, software and software licenses.
✒ Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions. Responsible in preparing activity reports.
✒ May act as Data Center Shift Officer who performs CASA/ATM End-of-Day Batch Process.
✒ Regularly updates the bank's schedule or hardware, software and network components.
✒ Assists in monitoring the transfer and turnover of IT equipment assigned to each employee.
✒ Monitors the proper storage of the bank's daily back up media.

✔ Must be a graduate of bachelor's degree in any IT related course, preferably with a technical major in computer science or engineering.
✔ 1-2 years' experience in the same field.
✔ Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
✔ Good communications skills.
✔ Willing to work on shifting schedule.
✔ Knowledge in hardware/software troubleshooting.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ The principal function of the Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Assistant is to assist the Compliance Officer/AML Officer in managing the implementation of the Bank’s Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Program (MTPP) and its compliance system including but not limited to risk assessment and regulatory reporting.

✔ Graduate of any 4 year course.
✔ With at least 2 years of banking experience preferably in the compliance function.
✔ Knowledge in banking laws, relevant AML/BSP rules and regulation.

Duties and Responsibilities

◼ Credit Risk Management
    ✒ Assist in preparing the monthly expected credit loss (ECL) report.
    ✒ Assist in preparing the quarterly stress test report.

◼ Market and Liquidity Risk
    ✒ Assist in preparing the liquidity and maturity gap reports.
    ✒ Calculate the market liquidity risk (MLR).
    ✒ Assist in other related reports.

◼ Operational Risk
    ✒ Assist in preparing annual risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) report.
    ✒ Notify the management when operational risk event/s occurs.
    ✒ Calculate the capital adequacy ratio (CAR).

✔ Graduate of a 4-year course preferably in Finance/ Accountancy/ Banking or equivalent.
✔ With at least 2 years working experience in risk management is required for this position.

Duties and Responsibilities
✒ Prepare and file electronically various tax returns and other BIR reportorial requirements including reconciliation of tax reporting records.
✒ Assists in preparing reports and ensure compliance with the requirements set by the financial regulatory bodies such as BSP and PDIC.
✒ Performs account reconciliation and prepares month-end entries and schedules for income and deferred tax, provision for credit losses and other accruals.
✒ Participates and support in various projects or initiatives of the Bank.
✒ Performs other tasks and assignments that are deemed necessary and related to the job function.

✔ Background in financial accounting and tax compliance is a must.
✔ Graduate of a 4-year course preferably in Finance/ Accountancy/ Banking or equivalent.
✔ Preferably with 2 years of related work experience in the banking industry.